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Collective Energy Reading For The Month December 2022

In December someone or something may be trying to sway you to go in a different direction from which your gut is tell you move into. Before you make a move, make sure you know all information and motives of others. You may need the assistance of a trusted mentor or someone with a vast knowledge of the field of which you want to travel into. If you don't have all of the information or lack clarity about the situation at hand it would be best advise to stay put for now. You also have more knowledge and knowhow than others or yourself may lead you to believe. Meditate to regain a state of peace and clarity of mind. You are manifesting your anxiety and fears with your own thoughts. If you continue with this pattern it will most likely keep you from success and obtaining a more valuable opportunity that would show you great rewards. If your being asked to mentor someone don't be afraid to. If they are asking you for knowledge and knowhow this is a clear sign from Spirit that you are ready to teach.

Card Decks Used

Crow Tarot & Urban Crow Oracle... By MJ Cullinane

Emily Flanders, Reiki M/T Intuitive Healer

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