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There was a time in my life that I was looking to bring healing to a health crisis I was experiencing. In my quest to restore my strength and physical health I was guided to Reiki. Reiki helped me tremendously, not only did it bring back my physical strength and restore my health, it brought me to my life's purpose. My Doctor marveled at how well I was improving, and was excited when I told him that I was getting Reiki. He told me to continue to do so. During one of my healing sessions I felt a calling that I had to do this, to bring Reiki to others. So my Reiki therapists became my Reiki Teacher and without them both my life would be a in a very different place. It is my honor to bring you this magic the magic of Reiki. 

Emily Flanders, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Healer 

Emily Flanders

Education and Training 

* Completed and studied Usui Reiki Master Training and Crystal        Healing Courses at Cape Code Center for Whole in 2002

* Completed Soul Shift 2021 Alchemy Courses at Sage Goddess  

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The Prayer Portal 

The Prayer Portal page on Facebook is a private group formed of people with like minds and hearts to help our fellow humans feel like they have a place that will help them in obtaining: Solace, Peace, and Healing.


Some send distance Reiki energy, some light a candle, and some say a prayer, and some do it all. No matter what they do all comes from their heart and sent to yours

and for your highest out come. 

Come check us out! 

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