Oracle and Tarot Readings with Emily

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I love helping people move beyond where they are at through the art of tarot and oracle readings.

My readings will help bring insightfully, and inspiring messages to you, to help you regain clarity and hope. I must have permission to read for all parties involved, as I am a believer of freewill of individuals. The best part is you will receive downloadable printouts for you to view and sit with the energy of your message so you can take your own time to integrate them. Please make sure I have an accurate emailing address to send your download. These readings are for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing mental of physical health issues please contact appropriate medical personnel.

I look forward to reading for you. 


Summer Solstice Tarot Reading

5 Card Spread - Fee $55

This reading will help you where in what area in life you are going to flourish in this season. It will also help to guide you in knowing what your not seeing about yourself and what message your inner Sun has for you. This Summer Solstice reading will also help guide your light and show you how you can experience more joy. As always this is a downloadable reading with pictures and intuitive spirit messages of each card. This is a great addition to add on to a Summer Solstice Attunement healing session.   


Problem Solving Oracle Reading

4 Card Spread -  Fee: $55

This 4 card spread is used for problem solving and conflict resolutions. It gives messages of where each  person is at within the situation. As well as the lessons/blessings in disguise within the interaction, for both parties. I will be using The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle this deck is full of color, hope and magic. It's best if I have both parties permission to read for the situation as all have freewill. This will be a downloadable reading with pictures and intuitive messages of each card.   

The Crystal Spirits Reading 

3 Card Clarity Spread 

Fee: $30

This Crystal Spirits Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid is magically beautiful and captures the energy and wisdom of the crystal kingdom powerfully accurately. This 3 Card Clarity Spread gives you insight on the here and now, what's the next right action and what the potential outcome would be if you follow your the guidance of your reading. The 3 words I'd use to describe this deck would be Accurate, Colorful and Joy-Filled. If you're looking for clarity this reading will help you.

Keeper Of The Light Reading 

The Life-Path Spread 

Fee: $60 

For this 7 card reading these powerful Master will offer deep wisdom to increase your spiritual connection or guide you on your path. With this spread, we'll not only look at the messages but also at the archetypal characters involved in your layout. These characters may have traits that you can develop or share to support you on your journey.   

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