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Written Oracle and Tarot Readings with Emily
Receive powerful guidance and insight for moving forward. 


Let me read for you if you're looking for 

~ Guidance and support from spirit 

~ Clarity on a particular situation 

~ To feel validated and seen by Spirit 

~ To move beyond feelings of unrest and move 

    into a state of hope and peace

How will you receive your reading? 

~ After your purchase I will send you confirmation email and and date when I'll be reading for you  

~ After the reading is completed I will forward a printable downloadable file 

(Clients find this useful to use as a handy reference).


Season Ahead Readings 

Spring Season - Fee: $55
6 Readings Available

This reading we’ll look into the energies that will be present and guide you during the Spring season. My Guides and I will work with the Major Arcana cards and Spirit Animals cards to intuit your messages. This will be a 6 card downloadable written reading (Zoom session available if you prefer).

Yearly Forecast Reading (makes a perfect gift) 

13 Card Spread (3pg written report with pictures) -  Fee: $77

For this reading you'll receive a card and message for each month, along with an

affirmation. This reading will help give you gain insight on which months you may have to work a little harder and which ones you can enjoy and relax in. It will guide you in knowing what energies you could experience or which energies will be present to support you during the year. 


Oracle and Tarot Reading Testimonials

In regard to my yearly forecast reading….
Wow, it is good to have a heads up about what to expect this year!
This all rings true, I have already started with some of what is mentioned.
Plus the reading mentions things I am planning, it is nice to know I am on the right track about future plans. It is nice to have the monthly support and validation this reading provides. There are some surprises, that will make sense I’m sure as I travel through each month of the year. The finishing touch of knowing my year theme and personal overview for the year is very comforting.
Thank you Emily for your spiritual connection, your dedication to spiritual truth and the supportive manner in which you present the spiritual messages.
With gratitude and Love,

Emily’s readings are wonderful, intuitive, spiritual, and always “right on”.  Her readings give me more clarity, spiritual and emotional support in order to guide me in my own client therapy work. I especially look forward to the Year Forecast by month reading. 

                                                                                                                                    ~Judy V. 

These readings are for clarity and guidance your path to enlightenment. .

If you are experiencing mental of physical health issues please contact appropriate medical personnel.

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