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Transformational Healing Sessions at Moonstones

Energy healing is my souls gift, and I am grateful to have been chosen to hold this energetic container for you. I hope that whatever session is calling to you, that it will help you find exactly what you are seeking. Intuitively guided by spirit each session I have been a witness to is different and special and clients seem to experience exactly what the need to. 

Individual Healing sessions can be made by appointment

Tuesday - Friday 10-3pm, some Sat options are available as well. All sessions are located at Moonstones 276 West Main St., Northborough MA. Email Emily to Sign Up!

Reiki Healing Sessions for Balance and Wellness
$10 Off - 1 hr Reiki Sessions
$65 Sessions now $55
Booking $10 Off Time Frame 1/20-2/15
(to book sessions email me at intuitivelifeforce@gmail.com)

Now that the Holidays are over for awhile it’s time to back to you...Reiki Sessions are a great way to fill your well back up! Reiki is a Japanese word for life force energy, an energy that already lives within us and all around us. Reiki is an act of laying hands on the body or in the aura to bring comfort, reduce stress and pain.
Reiki is a technique that activates the natural healing processes of the client's body and restores physical and emotional well-being. Reiki can help one reestablish a healthy low of Ki (life force), energy.When you receive Reiki you are releasing old trauma, imbalance, and negative from your chakra system and auric field. You have to be ready to release what no longer serves you so you can become in alignment with your highest self. Reiki will help to bring you back into energetic balance and can bring you back to self.
Signature Session (Recommended For New Clients) 
​Life Force Empowerment Session ~ 1 1/2 Hours  LFE Session, $85

The goal of this session is to help empower clients, and allows them to experience healing energy in a unique way. This session will help the client clear and release old emotional blockages which will leave the aura and chakras cleared and balanced. The energy of this session will leave you feeling supported in your life’s journey. Most of all, you will leave this session feeling renewed and protected.      

Included in this session

Intuitive/Card Reading, with Reiki and Crystal energy balancing session. Your first visit includes a Reiki charged crystal set for you to take home. 

Crystal Healing Session - 1 Hour Session, $65 

Crystals are little magical beings from Gia herself. Each crystal holds it's own task and vibrational frequency. Whatever you're trying to create, experience or shift in your world

there will be a perfect crystal counterpart to help you become in alignment with that frequency.   

Crystals work well with your own crystalline matrix and does so through your own vibrational frequency. This experience can be had by placing crystals on your chakra system. During your session crystal will be placed on your chakra centers so that it can help you release negative vibrations. They will also then help to recharge your system so you can become in alignment

with your intentions and goals. I will be working intuitively with the crystals to help magnify 

their healing vibes.    

All healing work is to help support and work beside traditional medicine, as well as to provide a path to help one gain self confidence and self empowerment not coming from ego.  If you are experiencing physical or emotional hardships, please consult a physician.