Distance Healing Sessions With Emily

Energy healing is my souls gift, and I am grateful to have been chosen to hold this energetic container for you. I hope that whatever session is calling to you, that it will help you find exactly what you are seeking. Intuitively guided by spirit each session I have been a witness to is different and special and clients seem to experience exactly what the need to. 

No Frills Just Reiki Flow 

Distance Healing Session 

30 Min Session for $30 

Sit back relax and allow yourself to receive all the healing magic Reiki has to offer you. This is just a transmission of Reiki energy from me, to you from source. We can schedule your session to fit your schedule and I can text you that day before and after to let you know when your session starts and ends. I highly recommend and request that you have 30 mins just to receive, restore and reset, your body mind and spirit. To book session please email at intuitivelifeforce@gmail.com 

All healing work is to help support and work beside traditional medicine, as well as to provide a path to help one gain self confidence and self empowerment not coming from ego.  If you are experiencing physical or emotional hardships, please consult a physician.

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