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Zoom Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions With Emily
Crystal, Reiki and Spirit Messages 

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After your session purchase is confirmed I will contact you via email to set up your session time. Please provide me with your updated email address or feel free to contact me Emily at 

for session scheduling.  

Reiki is a Japanese from of energy healing to strengthen one's Ki - Life Force. Receiving Reiki can help one lower blood pressure by reducing stress & anxiety. Reiki can strengthen the immune system, and reduce physical pain. It can bring solace to the mind, body, and

spirit by unblocking negative energy patterns within the chakra.

Crystals work vibration and with your energy through the color

light spectrum to help you release energies that no longer serve your highest best. The work to recalibrate your energy field, body systems and auric field to bring you back into you highest vibrational frequencies.   

Energy healing is my souls gift, and I am grateful to have been chosen to hold this energetic container for you. I hope that whatever session is calling to you, that it will help you find exactly what you are seeking. Intuitively guided by spirit each session I have been a witness to is different and special and clients seem to experience exactly what the need to. 

Life Force Empowerment Sessions with Emily

How do you know if you are ready to heal? If you are looking to... 

~ Heal and restore your energy on all levels?

~ Gain insight on how to move forward and ground your energies?  

~ Expand and balance your energy,  and grow spiritually?

~ Reduce anxiety, stress, and improve your sleep an invoke calm and ease? ~ For lightness, connection and humor


Life Force Empowerment Session

(Utilizing - Crystal, Reiki, Visualization, Oracle or Tarot cards)

90Min - $77.00  Per Session or 4 Sessions for $308

Together we can intuit if you'll need to balance and transform your energy utilizing crystals or Reiki. All session include visualization work and spirit messages utilizing oracle or tarot cards. 

Single Session 
4 Sessions 

Clearing And Healing Session
Length 1hr  Fee: $65

This session has been designed if you have been feeling physically unwell or experiencing stress or anxiety. This session is for you if you are ready for a reboot and alignment of energy.  We will clear, heal, and strengthen your chakras and vibration field by using crystals and Reiki. Your Zoom link will be provided after we set a date for your session - FB Messenger sessions are also available. 



"I felt a sense of peace and comfort knowing Emily was balancing, healing, centering and grounding me from the moment we began. I liked that we were able to converse during the session and that we both provided feedback throughout. There was also plenty of time to just be still and receive.  Emily is very gifted and I feel blessed knowing her."  - E. Hill


I have been seeing Emily since 2013. Her energy healing, chakra balancing and angel card readings are wonderful.  They have given me a sense of relaxation, calmness and growth.  Emily's readings have resonated with me and sent me on a path of emotional growth and a commitment to my health. - Erica Z. 

All healing work is to help support and work beside traditional medicine, as well as to provide a path to help one gain self confidence and self empowerment not coming from ego.  If you are experiencing physical or emotional hardships, please consult a physician.

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