Distance and Virtual Healing Sessions With Emily

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Energy healing is my souls gift, and I am grateful to have been chosen to hold this energetic container for you. I hope that whatever session is calling to you, that it will help you find exactly what you are seeking. Intuitively guided by spirit each session I have been a witness to is different and special and clients seem to experience exactly what the need to. 

Welcome to the world of virtual energy healing. What a trip 2020 has been so far. Luckily we can and still should enjoy the benefits of these energy modality even if only in the comfort of our own home.

I myself have had to have a few sessions with my teacher/friend this year at home to rebalance my emotions and physical body systems. You can now experience the same results as an in-person session would give you in the comforts of your own home. 

Receiving Reiki can help one lower blood pressure by reducing stress & anxiety. Reiki can strengthen the immune system, and reduce physical pain. It can bring solace to the mind, body, and spirit by unblocking negative energy patterns within the chakra.

Crystals work vibrationally with your energy and through the color light spectrum to help you release energies that no longer serve your highest best. The work to recalibrate your energy field, body systems and auric field to bring you back into you highest vibrational frequencies.   

Virtual Healing Session 

Life Force Empowerment Signature Session 

1.5hrs - $90 Per Session 

My popular session is back with a virtual twist. Energy is energy and can be sent and felt, spirit to spirit at any location. We'll start your session with a half hour card reading to see where you're at and where you need to be heading. Then we'll jump into your energy session. I'll be sending Crystal and Reiki energy to you through your body mind and spirit to help bring balanced and restored energy to you. To help your reduce stress, get into alignment and to experience greater health. 

Reiki Flow Distance Healing Session 

30 Min Session for $30 

Sit back relax and allow yourself to receive all the healing magic Reiki has to offer you. This is just a transmission of Reiki energy from me, to you from source. We can schedule your session to fit your schedule and I can text you that day before and after to let you know when your session starts and ends. I highly recommend and request that you have 30 mins just to receive, restore and reset, your body mind and spirit. 

Private Virtual  Meditation Session 

Distance Healing Session 

40 Min Session for $40

Who doesn't need a customizable meditation session by now. First we'll work together to create an intention for your meditation. I will with you to create the most magical meditation experience you can have. This is your time to sit back and give something back to yourself.   

All healing work is to help support and work beside traditional medicine, as well as to provide a path to help one gain self confidence and self empowerment not coming from ego.  If you are experiencing physical or emotional hardships, please consult a physician.

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