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Spirit Guides Vs. Your Own Voice

What do your Spirit Guides sound like? How do you know it's guidance from your Spirit Guides?

For me, my own guides personally don't have a "voice". They have more a vibratory feel to them. Lets say I have a problem or situation that needs changing. First I try everything to shift it myself. Then if I feel like I'm missing something I ask my guides for help. Sometimes the change happens slowly, sometimes change come through quicker. It all depends on how tight I'm holding onto the "un-comfortable, comfortable" situation. Your guides most of the time already know what you need help with they're just waiting for the invitation to help (yes, you always have to ask your guides as we humans have free will and guides don't mess with free will).

Then inspiration in many forms can come for me feeling, images and impressions. I get a calling and something "Guides" and spring me into action. Just recently I had to change my working alter to help support bringing in new energy for physical healing. My guides wanted me to do this one night before bed. This was defiantly them as guide pick what sometimes would be not the best human timing for us to do something. I said thank you for the inspiration and guidance, I will get on it tomorrow. I was tired that night. This surge or feeling of what springs you into action is your guides' voice. Guides "voices" are not abusive, or judgmental. They are inspiring, loving, nurturing, firm, and direct/clear.

My own human voice.

My own human voice (oh boy) well she's can sometimes be a shit, lol. Human voices can have a tendency to be a bit judgmental, indirect and unkind. Things you might hear as thoughts like

"You know better." "Haven't you learned yet?" "I can't do this." "This will never work." and so on are the human voice. Yes, It can lead you into action sometimes good action, sometimes what sounds good is actually harmful. Don't get me wrong not all things with the human voice is bad but its these key points that lead us to know what isn't Spirit "voice'. The human voice can sometime have us feeling low vibe and uninspired no mater what we try.

When you are connected to spirit guidance you feel good, get a natural high and excitement doing the things that makes a difference. You also can feel it in your solar plexus chakra allowing you to feel strong and confident. Your mind and own thinking will become more positive and joyous.

All of this can be different depending on the individual receives spirit information and what their strongest Clair. or psychic ability are. These are just my own experiences with working with my Guides that determine what their "voice" sound like vs. my own voice. How do you know what your own guides' voice sound like? Meditate on this question and you might be surprised of the answer.

Emily Flanders, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Healer

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