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Bedtime Sleep Ritual

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Last night I was having a hard time falling asleep. Spirit reminded of my ritual so I promptly started it and before I knew it I was fast asleep. My ritual has form over many conversations with trusted friends and spiritual teachers sharing their thoughts and techniques with me.

Lots of people I know are having trouble sleeping at night and ask me what they can do to get a better nights sleep. I also battle with sleeping issues and have have adapted several things to help some traditional things and some are energetic rituals to me prove me with a more restful nights sleep. This is only part of my energetic ritual and it has been helping me a lot (I hope I don’t jinx myself, lol 😂.

After performing my sleep ritual last night, and when I woke up this morning I was reminded of the animal spirit that came into my minds eye last night it was vision of an armadillo. Yes, you read that correctly, ARMADILLO! So I looked it up the meaning of armadillo spirit and of course it made perfect sense. Armadillo spirit message is - set healthy boundaries. This card image is from Collette Baron-Reid's The Spirit Animal oracle deck (a must have, so cute). Armadillo spirit can helps us to set boundaries.

This was my confirmation that I knew I had to share my ritual with you. This sleep ritual may sound weird but it works! I’ll skip what I do before bed (because I’m sure you may have already googled all the things already) and I’ll go right into what happens-when I’m in bed. AKA where the magic happens. As I mentioned I was having restless mind syndrome. I couldn’t quiet Emily’s monkey mind so I started with my routine and man did she quite down, lol.

Bed Sleep Ritual

~ Start mentally reciting “Om Shanti” over and over again. This mantra initiates calm and peaceful vibes, quiets the mind and lessens anxiety. This is good to also recite during the day if you feel anxious.

~ Then visualize white light around your property and over your house as that this light protects you and your loved ones as you sleep.

~ Next call in your protective sleep team in for added protection. These can be angels, Spirit guides ascended master, animal spirit allies and so forth.

Last night my choice was animal spirits. I call in one for each of the four directions/elements. I started with North/Earth energy and what came to my minds eye was the armadillo. I didn’t force an animal to appear I just ask for one to step forth. I don’t remember what other ones were that came in, as it was at this stage that I fell asleep, yay.

This ritual really doesn't take long. The more you do it the quicker the energy appears. So I continued with East/air, South/fire one time fire ants showed themselves here and then I call in the west/water element. It does help to know what direction location in your bedroom. Also some knowledge of elements and their correspondences helps too. But also know that you can trust that spirit will send you the correct team for your sleeping needs. Give this this ritual a go with what other sleep rituals you already have in practice and see if this helps you. I think you be surprised by the outcome.

Emily Flanders, Reiki M/T Intuitive Healer

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