Usui Reiki Ideals

Just For Today...

I will not worry

I will not be angry

I will give thanks for my many blessings`

I will do my work honestly

I will be kind to every living thing

My goal is to help people learn to heal themselves and others easily and effortlessly. Having been on a path towards healing, I know how intimidating getting started can be…

I offer a safe and fun environment so you can start to learn about yourself with Angels, Reiki and Crystal light, love and magic.


Reiki is my first passion, offering me daily inspiration on how to help others on their spiritual healing path, and at the same time keeping me connected to my own spiritual healing path. Reiki helped me reconnect and understand spirit and the power of my own Inner-Healer. The Inner Healer archetype is something we are all born with and is available to us in all phases of life, through good times or through struggles the power

to move forward is within us.


Often we need a blend of healing energy artfully composed of angelic energy, crystal vibrations, reiki light and meditation for maximum benefits and results. You will find them all here and I am well experienced and versed in helping to guide you to what will excel you towards your healing goals and so that you can find peace. I love teaching how easy it is to use these different healing modalities, and sharing information with you so you can walk away knowing how to start applying these modalities into your daily life easily. 


When people come into my healing space they often express to me how calming it is to be there- they say that peace just washes over them. After they receive an energy session from me, whether it’s Reiki or a crystal energy session, they tell me how they felt their energy transform, and how balanced and centered they now feel. I may be a teacher and conduit of these modalities, but I will always seem to be a student of their magical gifts and powers.Teaching and healing people with these modalities is my greatest passion and where I find I that feeling of being home.


~ Emily Ann Flanders, Reiki M/T, Intuitive Healer

© 2018 Intuitive Life Force 

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