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Upcoming Spiritual Workshops & Meditations

Limited Seating:  Pre-registration Required, Adults Only.

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Spark of Light Event 

Prosperity Jar Workshop

Thurs 1/23  Time: 6:30-8pm  Fee: $32

Registration Closing Date 1/21

Start the New year right by joining Emily and Suzanna in learning how to manifest by creating Prosperity Jar. This workshop will help you set a prosperity intention and create a prosperity jar for you to take home and use to strengthen that intention. We will teach you about energetic correspondences that will help you create a potent prosperity jar. After a brief meditation to help you focus your intention, we will create the prosperity jars using herbs, crystals that are in alignment with prosperity energy streams. We will also guide you on how to keep energy stream of prosperity flowing with your jar throughout the 2020. We close the intention setting workshop with a toast to prosperity and abundance for 2020!

Workshop Fee Policy

If you pre-registered before the due date during this time of year the workshop fees will be non refundable for any reason without proper 48hrs advance notification before the workshop closing registration date. Please register for all workshops by the registration date to be sure that the workshop can be offered to the other participants. Please arrive 10 minutes before the event time as doors close at the start time.

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