Ascension Meditation Tribe

September Ascension Knowings

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings 

Ascension Tribe Meditation Night 

Wednesday  9/25/19  6:30PM    $20

Please bring your own oracle or crystal cards of your choosing. You will be experiencing sound healing and Reiki before our card readings.  

Objective for November Ascension Gathering

Get ready! My objective for November is to hopefully get you more comfortable reading your cards for yourself and others. They are important tools to you for guidance and to gain knowledge on the energies that you might not be able to gather on your own. 

We will be skipping traditional meditation method this month. We will be starting with a sound bath and Reiki session to get ourselves ready to read. During our time together I will be discussing how import is is to cast a circle especially if your reading for other is. Also if you experience psychic burn out after you read what you can do about it: A) to prevent it in the first place, B) to fix if it happens. As always we will discuss what crystals to use to help heighten your readings (some are listed below). Feel free to bring any tools you want. Please bring your own card decks and journal too. 

This is going to be a fun experience! You may want to have a question or two on your heart to bring so that we can all give you guidance. Eventually I will be making a download for you to be able to print out. I will post it in our FB group when its ready. I am looking forward to meeting with you and I hope you all can make it on September 25th! 

Crystals for Tarot and Card Reading

(You don't need to bring these)

Selenite: Wand for casting a circle

Black Tourmaline: For protecting

Quartz: For clarification and heightening energy

Iolite or Lapis: Accuracy and psychic knowing

Black Kyanite: For clearing your deck

Diopside: To help see peoples motives, hones second sight.  

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